Steamboat Appliance Repair in Steamboat Springs

washer repair

Steamboat Appliance Repair

There is nothing more annoying than planning a big family celebration only to find out that the oven isn't working properly. 

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dryer repair

Dryer Trouble? No problem! Whether your dryer is not heating or the clothes come out damp and not dry, sometimes it makes a lot of noise. Whatever the problem with your dryer, we're here to help!

dishwasher repair

oven repair

Is your ice maker no longer  producing ice? Or maybe it sounds like it's working, but you're only getting a couple of ice cubes? We have experience in repairing all types of ice machines to get your drinks icy cold fast.

Washer not draining or spinning? Or you see an error code and can't get it to work? Our well-trained service techs are happy to check on it and see what's wrong with it. Give us a call.ere.

range repair

Are some burners not working? Is the flame too high or too low? Maybe the top is cracked? Maybe the oven or the broiler isn't working like it should? Whatever the issue with your range we can help.

Ice maker repair

Refrigerator not cooling? Lack of cooling is a symptom, and it doesn't neccesarily mean that the compressor is bad. It could be that the cooling fan stopped working or that a defrost component broke, so before replacing your appliance call Steamboat Appliance Repair first.

We are the only company in the area that does sealed system repairs. Call us if your refrigerator is having issues with the sealed system.

Who enjoys washing their dishes by hand? Not too many! This is why you can count on Steamboat Appliance Repair to do the job right. Not draining, or not drying your dishes? Sometimes all it takes is an expert to troubleshoot the problem. Give us a call if you want it done right.